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Bimal Mitra
Gosto Gopal Das
Guru Chand Bhawan
Guru Chand Bhawan

Bimal Mitra (1912–1991) was a prominent Bengali writer who wrote several novels. Bimal Mitra was equally adapt in writing in Bengali as well as in Hindi, and has more than one hundred novels and short stories to his credit. Many of Bimal Mitra's novels have been made into successful films. One of his most popular works, Shaheb Bibi Golam (January 1953) which was adapted into a hugely popular movie. He also earned a Filmfare nomination for Best Story for the film.

Set in the last years of the nineteenth century, the novels tells the story of the sumptuous lifestyle and the decay of a feudal family. It is the story of Pateshwari aka Chhoto Bou, a woman who wants to experience romance, to be a real wife, to invent for herself and live a new kind of conjugality. But the books also tells the story of Calcutta, now Kolkata, and of all the people who lived there.

Mujrim Hazir is another popular work of Bimal Mitra. The novel is based on the true story of a man who in order to repent for the sins of his father and grandfather. more . . .


The Indigo revolt (or Nilbidraha) is a peasant movement and subsequent uprising of indigo farmers against the indigo planters that arose in Bengal in 1859. The back stage of the revolt goes back half a century when the indigo plantation act was established. In February–March 1859 the farmers refused to sow a single seedling of indigo plant. The strength of the farmers' resolutions were dramatically stronger than anticipated from a community victimized by brutal treatment for about half a century.

Most importantly it was a revolt of both the major religious groups of farmers in Bengal, notably a farmer Haji Molla of Chandpore (Thana - Hardi) said that he would "rather beg than sow indigo". The farmers were in no possession of any types of arms, it was totally a non-violent resistance. more . . .


Uncrowned Emperor of Baul Song of Undivided Bengal(East & West) is Gosto Gopal Das was born on 8th January,1948 in Hoogly District in West Bengal, India. He resided in Bagula Paschim para near Dhan Hat of Hanskhali Block, Nadia.

He was a famous folk singer of Bengali folk songs known as Palli Geeti, which was enrished by Bhatiyali, Bhawaiya, Jaar, Murshidi. The palli geeti are sung in specially in Delta of the Ganges in both East and West Bengal. His songs cover all over the world where Bengali speaking or understanding people lives.

It is the popular song "Guru Na Bhoji Mui" which murmured along all villages of East and West Bengal. He created waves in palli geeti in history in Bengali folk singing arena by "Poran Bondure Bhalo Baisa...". more . . .


Guru Chand Bhawan is a Community centre / hall situated near Bagula Bazar and Bagula Railway Station. It is a community hall where different cultural programmes and meetings are held. more . . .

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